The Evolution of Starbucks® Coffee

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world, with approximately two billion cups consumed every day. In the UK alone, we drink up to 70 million cups of coffee daily. That is a lot of coffee.  A popular giant in the expanding coffee industry is the ever so popular and reputable Starbucks®.

We have all entered a Starbucks® coffee store at least once in our lives and stared up at the board with numerous coffee blends that you have no idea how to pronounce. Starbucks® had its humble beginnings as a single store in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market. Now, it has grown into an internationally renowned coffee megacorp that has expanded to almost every country in the world.

From a simple espresso to a complicated tall, non-fat latte with caramel drizzle, Starbucks® seems to have taken the idea of a cup of coffee and developed it into something unimaginable. They don’t just stick to traditional ground bean blends, but have expanded into a growing market of home and office pods. These pods pack the punch of a cup straight out of their store yet is completely accessible to home and office users.

The Starbucks K-Cup® packs give you the full flavour and satisfaction of your favourite coffeehouse blends with the utter convenience of the Keurig® Single Cup Brewing System. Now you can conveniently enjoy the lightly roasted Blonde Veranda Blend®, medium roast Pike Place® Roast and the dark roast Café Verona® at work or home.

Here at The Coffee Delivery Company we appreciate being well caffeinated. We stock a range of coffee pods from Starbucks® and other well-known brands. For the upmost convenience we also supply coffee machines to simplify coffee experience.

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