Keurig K150® Brewer | Troubleshooting

At the Coffee Delivery Company, we take great pride in our premium coffee products and services. Our Keurig K150® Brewer model is an elegant, plumbed-in coffee machine designed to handle high volumes of brewing, making it perfect for busy offices. This unit offers an interactive touchscreen that adjusts temperature and brew size, giving you complete control.

From time to time you may experience issues with your Keurig K150® coffee machine. Below is a quick troubleshooting guide and some hints that you may find useful in case you encounter an issue with your brewer.

Brewer Does Not Have Power

  • Check that your coffee machine is plugged in securely.
  • Try plugging it into a different plug.
  • Ensure that the Power Switch has been turned on and the LCD display is illuminated.

Coffee Machine is Not Brewing

  • After placing your pod in the K-Cup Holder, make sure it has been pushed down securely, the LCD control displays “READY TO BREW” and the BREW button is flashing. Now press the Left, Right or BREW.
  • If the LCD control indicates “ADD WATER” make sure there is adequate water in the reservoir and that it is seated properly in the base.
  • Be wary that the Exit Needle maybe clogged which can easily be cleaned using a paper clip or similar tool.

A Weird Chlorine or Mineral Taste in the Coffee

  • Try to use bottled water or filtered water to refill the Water Reservoir as this taste may come from your tap water.

Only Brewing a Partial Cup

  • Check the Exit Needle as it may be clogged. You can easily clean this with a paper clip or a similar tool.
  • Clean and rinse the K-Cup Holder Assembly.
  • Check that the Water Reservoir was not removed during brewing. Preform a water brew without a pod in the machine.
  • De-Scale the Brewer by removing the minerals and calcium deposits that have built up in your machine.

The Brew Randomly Shuts Off or Turns on Automatically

  • Check your Auto On/Off timer features have not been set. Simply, press the MENU button and scroll through the programming options.

If our troubleshooting guide did not resolve your Keurig K150® issue, please do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service members for assistance on 0330 123 3309. Alternatively, you can email us at

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