Find Out More About Barista Prima Coffeehouse

barista-prima-coffeehouse-logoThe Coffee Delivery Company are proud suppliers of Barista Prima Coffeehouse products. Barista Prima have a passion for rich, deep roasted brews and provide a collection of world class Arabica coffee, roasted in traditional European coffee houses. Each cup of coffee has been handcrafted by the most experienced baristas to provide you with the best possible coffee you could ask for.

Barista Prima House Blend

This captures the traditional European blend of coffee. European coffeehouses normally emit a cosy and comfortable feel, with every coffeehouse being unique. There is a real feel of familiarity with their House Blend reminding you of warmth and friendly faces. With subtle hints of aroma Barista Prima House Blend has been a customer favourite for many years.

Barista Prima Colombia

This blend of coffee creates an uplifting experience like no other. This pod delicately captures the tradition of Colombian coffee. This coffee has been carefully crafted for you to experience the best, traditional coffee that stimulates all of your senses. Barista Prima Colombia dates back hundreds of years and creates the best cup of happiness every time.

Barista Prima Italian Roast

Inspired by the ancient ruins of Rome, Italian roast coffee has been a favorite in Europe since the beginning of time. Italian Roast tingles all the senses and emits a great sense of adventure with every cup. This rich, heavy bodied coffee is a winner for any coffee fanatic. Bold yet balanced, Italian Roast produces great coffee, cup after cup.

Here at The Coffee Delivery Company, we aim to produce only the best coffee to our clients. To find out more about Barista Prima Coffee or our other products you can speak to one of our friendly customer service team on 0330 123 3309 or visit our website here.

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