Snacks That Pair Well With Coffee

Looking for a snack to complement your delicious cup of coffee? Here is a list of tasty snacks which are best paired with coffee.

Let’s face it coffee is an all-time favourite and when snacks are around, our taste buds just can’t seem to get enough of it. The tough part is deciding which snacks work and which don’t. Nothing is more disappointing than enjoying a delicious cup of coffee with a snack that just doesn’t seem to hit the spot.

Snacks That Pair Well With Coffee

  • Salted almonds are delicious if paired with a mint-flavoured coffee. We suggest a mocha mint latte. Almonds are also a healthy snack to enjoy.
  • Dried cranberries paired with a caramel mocha would be ideal. To make it extra tasty add some whip cream with your cranberries…shhh it’s our little secret!
  • Nutella and Breadsticks, need we say more? Nutella virtually goes with anything!
  • Fig newtons are so yummy. Warm them up before you enjoy them with your coffee. You could also dip them into your cappuccino, giving you a delicious cake taste.
  • Dark chocolate bar is a great pairing. It might be a little bitter but hey for what it’s worth, dark chocolate is healthy.
  • Fresh fruits are the perfect light snacks to enjoy with your cup of coffee. This pairing is perfect for those early mornings.

Well, there you have it, the perfect snacks to enjoy with your coffee!

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