Coffee and Chocolate Pairing Office Journey

Nothing beats a strong, fresh cup of coffee in the morning to get your day started. We all know just how essential coffee is in the office so why not save some cash on ordering multiple cups from that local coffee house and get your own office coffee machine.

Like bees to honey, coffee is to chocolate. The perfect pair is often hard to find but once you have the right combination of flavours, the harmony will have you buzzing.

Why not treat your employees with a coffee and chocolate pairing to get them going?

Planning Your Pairings

You will need an office coffee machine of course and loads of office coffee. Fortunately, we stock both! Our range of coffee pods will guide your office coffee and chocolate pairing through the day, sending your taste buds on a glorious journey.

For your tasting we suggest starting off in the morning with a medium roast such as Green Mountain Coffee® Breakfast Blend. Paired with a creamy milk chocolate, this combination will bring out those smooth textures and rich aromas to wake up all your senses, starting your day with a bang.

A dark roast like Starbucks® Café Verona® is a perfect for your afternoon tasting. Pair this cup with a thin slither of dark chocolate like Lindt 70% Cocoa to bring out the earthy flavours. This combination is sure to give your employees a boost as the day begins to draw weary.

Lastly, end your day off with a smooth finish light roast such as the Green Mountain Coffee® French Vanilla K-Cup®. This sophisticated cup is sweeter and creamier than any other blend and is a perfect way to end off the day.

Like dessert at the end of a meal, this last blend pairs best with a block of white chocolate. The subtle tastes and creamy textures of this pairing will have you relaxed and ready to wind down at the end of a beautiful and exciting journey.

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