How To Descale Your K140® Officepro Brewing System

At The Coffee Delivery Company, we stock a range of gourmet office coffee machines that are sure to keep your staff and customers fully caffeinated. Not only do we rent out these reliable coffee machines, we also deliver coffee to a wide base of customers across London. With these premium brewing systems, you will never have to leave your office to experience world-class coffee ever again.

Our Keurig K140® Officepro Brewing System is the ideal choice for smaller workplaces in need of a caffeine kick. The single brewing cup system produces high-quality tea, coffee and even hot chocolate! If you are looking for a commercial coffee machine that produces great tasting coffee cup after cup this workhorse is the economic model for you.

This efficient model comes with a 48oz. easy-to-fill reservoir and is guaranteed to produce your choice of three cup sizes. It also features a removable drip tray to accommodate those bigger cups and an Auto Off function.

How To Descale Your K140® Coffee Machine

To ensure the integrity of your office coffee machine, your Keurig K140® Officepro Brewing System may need some attention time to time. If you regularly descale your machine, you are sure to extend your coffee machine’s lifespan. Descaling also ensures that you get the most out of your unit by maintaining the proper brewing temperature.

Descaling is just the process of removing limescale from inside your machine’s hot water tank. Simply watch the video provided below and keep your level of gourmet coffee at a high.

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