A Range Of K-Cup® Flavours To Explore

The Keurig® K-Cup® brewing system has revolutionised how people drink coffee. Their single-serving brewing system is so convenient you can enjoy your favourite flavour in no time. Now you can start your morning on a high note every day at the office.

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With 40 years of experience sourcing the world’s finest coffee beans, you can enjoy Starbucks® quality in easy-to-use K-Cup® pods.

Blonde Veranda Blend® – Light Roast
The Blonde Veranda Blend® has subtle notes of cocoa and lightly toasted nuts to create a rich, complex flavour. Sourced in Latin America these coffee beans have been roasted for a shorter period to enhance the flavour.
Pike Place® Roast – Medium Roast
This blend takes you back to Starbucks’® origin, whose first store was situated in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. This smooth, rich and perfectly balanced coffee is worthy of the Starbucks® name.
Café Verona® – Dark Roast
The exceptional qualities of Latin American, Asian and Italian roasts are infused in this K-Cup® coffee blend. Its sweetness is complemented by a rich, well-balanced dark cocoa texture.
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Green Mountain Coffee®

Green Mountain Coffee® is carefully sourced and roasted from the highest quality beans, providing a superior taste experience. These gourmet coffee blends are delicious and have a rich pleasing aroma.

Breakfast Blend – Medium Roast
One of our most popular blends offers a rich taste with medium acidity. This blend combines the zesty Central American profile with the body and depth of an Indonesian bean to create a vibrant classic.
Colombian Fair Trade Select – Medium Roast
The Colombian Fair Trade™ Select blend has a fresh flavour with a shimmering finish, which leaves a lingering hint of nutty sweetness. This beautifully balanced blend is perfect for the office.
Three Continent Blend – Medium Roast
This Fair Trade Certified™ Coffee blend is a popular favourite. The base layer is created with Sumatran beans, which are beautifully complemented by the balanced sweetness and fragrance of South American and Ethiopian beans.
Organic Sumatran Reserve Extra Gold – Dark Roast
Indonesian coffee is renowned for its complex flavour. This dark roast’s rich flavours and heady aromas are brought together effortlessly to create a heavy-bodied rich brew. This organic blend is Fair Trade Certified™.
French Vanilla Flavoured – Light Roast
If you prefer a sweeter, creamier coffee this sophisticated French Vanilla K-Cup® is sure to entice your taste buds. Rich and smooth, this light roast perfectly captures the essence of exotic coffee in every cup.
Hazelnut Flavoured – Light Roast
A lightly roasted coffee, with a buttery sweet hazelnut finish. This K-Cup® will take you from your office to an autumn evening on the streets of Italy with its nutty – sweet aromas. Made with 100% Arabica coffee.
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Barista Prima Coffeehouse®

An exclusive collection of extra strong, dark-roasted coffees that reflect the refined tastes of traditional European coffee house brews.

House Blend – Dark Roast
This classically balanced coffee offers a delicious flavour. This is Barista Prima Coffeehouse®’s signature blend and it is easy to see why. Well-rounded flavours with a toasted nutty finish creates a freshly brewed experience like nothing else.
Colombia – Medium Roast
Reflecting Colombia’s proud coffee-growing legacy, this K-Cup® combines bright and tangy flavours. The smooth full-bodied finish will be sure to leave you wanting more. Made with 100% Arabica coffee.
Italian Roast – Dark Roast
This flavour upholds the tradition of dark-roasted Italian coffee. With a subtle hint of smokiness, this delightfully dark roasted blend offers a bold yet well-balanced flavour with the cleanest of finishes. Made with 100% Arabica coffee.
Italian Roast Decaf – Dark Roast
Offering all the qualities of the Italian Roast without the caffeine. This roast is perfect for the purist who wants the aromas and taste of quality coffee, without the caffeine. Made with 100% decaffeinated Arabica coffee.
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Twinings® has been producing exceptional black, green and herbal teas since 1709 and they are recognised the world over for their quality.

English Breakfast Black Tea
Twinings® signature English Breakfast black tea is an iconic brew and one that we are very pleased to be able to offer. This original blend is the perfect way to start the day with its bright and full-bodied flavour.
Earl Grey Black Tea
Earl Grey is one of Twinings®’ most popular blends, flavoured with the addition of oil of Bergamot which gives it a distinctive citrus flavour. It carries a light aromatic flavour that offers a great alternative to your everyday cup of tea.
Green Tea
This “Sencha” style brew boasts has a smooth, refreshing flavour with mild characteristics. Made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, Twinings® Green Tea offers a great alternative to your daily cup of tea.
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Café Escapes®

This is a delectable collection of speciality beverages. Each variation is rich, satisfying and perfect as an anytime pick-me-up.

Hot Chocolate
Very few things beat a mug of hot chocolate on a winter’s day and this K-Cup® is the perfect way to warm yourself up. One of the best ways to unwind is to enjoy our unbelievably creamy and incredibly satisfying hot chocolate.