Choose From A Range Of Quality Loose Coffee Beans From Tudor®

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Tudor® Coffee Beans

Tudor®’s range of single-origin coffee offers a world-class experience without compare. This award-winning luxury range offers a smooth, velvety flavour that you will love. Tudor® was established in 1984 and strived themselves on providing high quality hot beverages. Tudor® import, blend and produce both tea and coffee from all around the globe. Tudor® coffee beans are guaranteed to produce the finest and most delicious coffee for your office, every time. Our range differs in strength so there is something for everyone. Tudor Espresso Coffee have won awards in the Great Taste Awards Two Gold Stars for their Rainforest Alliance (100% Arabica & R/A Coffee) and Roma Blends, as well as a One Gold Star on their Milano Coffee Beans. Tudor® are proud to supply coffee and tea that are from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, so you have peace of mind that your coffee is delicious and fairly sourced. Tudor beans are a definite must for any coffee-loving company. Find out more about our delicious range below.

Milano Superior Beans
If you are looking for a classically rich and intense espresso, look no further than the Milano Superior Coffee Bean. A favourite for many, these beans have been sourced from the finest plantations across South America and blended to create a fantastically Mediterranean style espresso.

Amazonian 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Espresso Beans
With a hint of vanilla, this wonderfully balanced blend really offers something special. These beans are ethically traded and offer an ecologically sustainable future for the growers. Let the enticing flavours of a tropical paradise whisk you away with every sip.

Espresso Beans
Chocolatey, winey undertones really separate this blend from the crowd. This Neapolitan style offers a dark roasted bean rich and full in flavour. The perfect option for Italian espresso lovers, or those of you that are looking for a stronger caffeine kick. Strength: 5